station street market & food hall

Station Street Market & Food Hall is a food service retail space making its debut in 2019 to the Chattanooga Choo Choo, formerly known as The Terminal Station. The Market & Food Hall will explore multiple environments within the space, with occupancies ranging from Assembly –Food and Drink Consumption (A-2) to Mercantile (M) to Business (B). The main space will house both permanent and temporary vendors and artisans that offer an assortment of fresh and prepared products. A Grab & Go area will also be considered for those nearby Southside residents seeking readily available convenience items. The space will need to accommodate multi-uses and functions in the common areas –A space for visitors to dine, relax, and gather is the top spatial priority.

The Terminal Station was once a centralized hub for all travelers and has always been a place for both gathering and trade. By bringing an establishment such as this to the city, the downtown and Southside area will have the sensation of a “hub” once again. The design aims to re-define the aging interior as a modern food hall. Raw steel, exposed brick, and natural wood detailing will be used to highlight the character of the historic architecture, while color and lightness will support modern impressions to suit all visitors of the space. Because Americans are becoming more conscientious about where their food comes from, a return to the old-school way of food shopping by visiting multiple specialized shops will seem comforting, unique, and inviting to visitors and residents of the community.